Valentine’s Day Literacy Activities

Are you Ready for Valentine's Day?

I have to admit… Valentine’s day is one of my favourite celebrations. Is it exhausting – uhhh absolutely. Is there usually candy involved… yes. I think I’ve made my point. I also love Valentine’s Day because of all the writing you can get done – and student’s totally buy into it! Below are a few of my favourite activities to set out in my Kinder class during February. Check them out! Let me know in the comments what activities you like to do!

February reading bingo

Reading bingo is one of our favourite monthly challenges! I send home a new reading bingo each month. It’s a great way to form school-home connections. Each month has a reflection sheet too, to chat about what book was their favourite and which challenge they enjoyed most! A great way to promote reading!

Valentine writing activities

These Valentine journals have TONS of options. 40 pages of writing activities! There are several different covers to match whatever version of the book you choose to do. I do these in small group and leave some pages out at our literacy station. These are a cute gift for families and a fun way to promote writing. 

Sight word booklets

These sight word books are full of Valentine themed words. Students get a chance to trace, colour, write and use the word in a sentence. There are 10 pages. I make 2 books of 5 and put out in separate weeks! Great for an independent activity. 

Each page is offered in two versions. The one you see here – with a picture to prompt students. But also, with a blank space where the picture is. This is so students can draw their own matching picture!

real photo word wall words

These word cards are SO versatile. I have them on a binder ring in my literacy center as a portable word wall, but I also use them in centers. I have these out with coloured rice and students trace their words in the rice. In the past I’ve used these with magnet letters, shaving cream, playdough, etc. These are great for giving students some independence in the writing center and to let them practice writing words they might not know how to spell without assistance! I love the real photos!

Letter recognition Games

These flip and cover mats have been a hit in my room! Use one of the 4 decks of letter cards and have students flip a card and then cover their letter on their mat. The first one to cover all their letters wins! Mats come in uppercase, lowercase and a mixture. I also use the letter decks to do uppercase/lowercase matching games!

Valentine write the room +

My students LOVE write the room this year. Even kiddos who hate writing ask to do this activity. I give them clipboards and let them search around the room for the words. There are 10 word cards, and 3 differentiated sheets for recording the words. But this set isn’t JUST Write the Room…

It also comes with a 20 word vocabulary chart, with 20 matching word wall cards. Great for a literacy center! Some themed writing paper is also included to help motivate your little writers!

Valentine Mail bag writing

Obviously an easy way to get kids to write for Valentine’s Day is to create their own valentines in the art studio or writing center. We make our own mailbags too and because I like to make sure I’ve added some writing practice, they also do a fun description of their love monster! Check these out! Great for fine motor skills. 

More Valentine Resources!

Not seeing what you need? The good news is my shop has TONS more Valentine resources! Click the image below to check out all my VDay goodies, including some freebies!

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