Summer Activities + EOY Gifts

Last week of School Activities

Activity Pack

I always have an activity pack on the go. These are fantastic for early finishers, but they’re also great for a class party or last day of school activity. It comes with a word search, crossword, I Spy, Spot the Difference, Crack the Code, word scramble, words in a word, maze, and colouring page (title page)!

Summer Bingo

If you need an incentive for behaviour the last few days (I hear you, I see you, I am you haha). Bingo seems to be a hit year after year. Print these out and have a small prize for the winner. The promise of end of the day bingo will get the rowdiest class to listen up and behave. SO simple, and yet so fun. 

Summer Reading Bingo

I have never been someone who assigns homework. I just don’t find a ton of value in it. The kids who have the parental support at home are usually the kids who don’t need homework. The kids who need the extra practice, often don’t have the support at home. HOWEVER. One thing I do assign regularly is reading. Even if students are “reading” a book to themselves by looking at the pictures. Reading every night is key! I do reading logs throughout the school year and I ALWAYS have a monthly reading bingo challenge – and know what kiddos get when they complete their reading bingo challenge – a book worm! 
You’d be surprised at the motivation a single gummy worm can provoke. Or at least, I was. Truthfully, the kiddos would probably do the reading challenge even without the gummy worms, because they are FUN. I mean when else will your homework ask you to eat ice cream, or read in an accent? Every month has new fun ways or places to read! 
Anyway, back to these gummy worms – if you want the cute little tag I used, head on over to the freebie library! They’re there for you!

End of Year Gift Ideas

If you want a cheap, cute end of year gift idea,  give your students pet rocks
I can’t tell you the level of excitement. These come with cute little “Pet Rock Care Manuals” which includes making a safe place for your pet. ALL summer I get emails from parents with students taking their pet rock around with them, the pet rock shelters, and students trying to teach their pet rock tricks. Honestly, it’s a hoot. One of my favourite year end gifts. These are also fun to make as a class on the last day of school!

End of year awards

Finally class awards. I think giving awards is SO MUCH FUN. I know some people don’t like doing graduations and giving out diplomas – but these are totally different. The animal awards have 40 different animals and you can customize why they’re getting the award. For instance for the Canary Award I have it for excellence in singing or music, but you can change the descriptor to anything you’d like! The animal name and animal picture is NOT editable. 
The Future Career awards are super fun too! You can do a class vote to see who is most like to be a ______ or you can just choose! There is space below the award name to add a text box and indicate why, or you can handwrite a reason, or just leave as is. Students love getting these!! 

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