St. Patrick’s Day Activities

Hi everyone! I always have the greatest intentions of writing blog posts with ample time for you to read and implement the ideas but then I get into a new Netflix series (hello Love is Blind Season 2) and I get bombarded by the cat for snuggles, and blogging gets put on the back burner. We are on Spring Break next week so we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day today. I dyed my hair pink last night for a bit of  a change and it definitely clashes with the green, but it was still fun to dress up for a spirit day. If you need some ideas for St. Patricks Day read on below!

Decor + Postcards + Treats

If you need a QUICK bulletin board these posters make an instant bulletin board display in under 5 minutes. Add your favourite border and presto – you’ve got a bulletin board. Cute on doors or the front of desks too!

I LOVE sending wow mail to my kiddos. While in person I don’t actually mail anything, but instead I’ll fill these out without the postcard backing and I’ll slip them into their mailbags to go home. They love getting a special note from me. The St. Patrick post cards are part of the spring set, which comes with Easter and Spring sayings too!

In my room, NO celebration is complete without a little treat. Mostly because I love using adorable tags haha. This set turned into a mega set because I couldn’t decide between sayings. 


March Journal Prompts

If you need writing prompts this set comes with 20! Some are St. Patrick themed, some are about spring and some are just random prompts (like what happens when you loose a tooth). Each journal comes with a writers checklist and 5 images/words that might be useful! This is in a growing bundle if you want prompts all year!

Daily Social emotional learning

Does your school have a heavy emphasis on social emotional learning this year? Ours does. These are fun and easy to use. Simply put the poster near your entry and ask students to point to how they’re feeling each morning. Or use the writing activity. It comes in weekly and monthly templates!

Write the ROom

My Write the Room sets always come with a picture vocabulary chart, 20 word wall words and 10 write the room cards with 3 recording sheet styles. This is the bonus writing page included. Makes for an easy open ended writing activity.

Sight word booklets

Word booklets are so much fun for my kiddos in our literacy center. They can do them independently and have so much pride in reading their words. I make mini books of 5 pictures. These also come with no pictures so that students can draw a matching picture. Both ways are pretty popular for me!

March reading bingo

I am not a big supporter of homework, however, I do always ask my families to read each night. These reading challenge bingos have increased our reading engagement a TON. Students love completing the challenges. I am sending this one home for our spring break. The bingos come in 3 sizes and also in black and white. A reflection sheet is also included. 

Letter recognition game

Flip and Cover mats have been popular in my room this year! These mats come with 4 decks of uppercase/lowercase letters. You flip a letter and cover it if you have it. The decks are great for letter memory too! Students can play alone or against a partner. A super early finisher activity.

Word wall Freebie

Your monthly freebie are these real photo word wall words! They have been added to the freebie vault! If you don’t have the password you can subscribe to get it. If you have subscribed but forget the password, check your most recent email from me! I add it at the bottom of each email. There are lots of ways to use these! Portable word walls, adding to a cookie tray with magnet letters, writing the room. Possibilities are endless!

St. patrick math activities

Roll and cover number recognition

These roll and cover mats are a hit each month for me. Students choose between mats to use with one die or mats with 2 dice. They then roll and cover the number they’ve rolled. They can play alone or with a friend!

count the room

Count the room gets students out of their seats and counting. Great practice for subitizing and gets students excited about counting! Hide the cards around the room and give students the recording sheet, that’s it!

color by code

If you have a group that loves colouring, then colour by codes are for you! Students solve the addition facts and then color by number to reveal a St. Patricky picture!

St. Patrick Number Mazes

Number mazes are a simple concept and great for students working on number recognition. The pages come 1-20 and students will create a path to the end by coloring the specific number indicated.

Building block mats

This is a no prep center! Just print and go. I add to our Lego bins and let students create the image, and then count and record the blocks used. 

Art activity

Dot art is a GREAT way to practice fine motor skills, hand eye co-ordination and will super appeal to kids because… what kid doesn’t love paint? 10 pictures are included! These come 2 to a page. Just print and add paint and cotton swabs.

St. patrick's day bingo

Always a party favourite! BINGO is pretty self-explanatory. This set has THIRTY cards plus caller cards. You can’t go wrong with bingo!

Early finisher activity pack

These packets are my best sellers and my favourite product to use when I’m a rotary teacher. I have one of these packets on hand at all times. Great for early finishers! There are 10 activities included in each packet.

Digital and print scavenger hunt

As a student I LOVED scavenger hunts. I was competitive and thought they were so much fun. As an adult – I still love them haha. So now I make them! This comes with paper copies to do in person or a virtual copy to display and have students search their homes. 

Would you rather

These would you rather prompts will have kids giggling and exercising! Each prompt comes with a fitness activity attached. If you prefer to use as writing prompts that would work too! All the movement activities are editable – the questions are not! This has 40 questions (30 spring themed and 10 st patrick)

As always, thanks for reading!

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