Math Activities for Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day and it’s a great time to incorporate some fun math activities into your classroom! Whether you are a teacher or a parent, if you’re looking for ways to help your pre-K and early elementary children practice their math skills, I’ve got the solution! Here is a round-up of what I love to use in my classroom math centers for the month of February. The best part is the manipulatives needed for these activities are easily found at Dollar Tree, Walmart, or Target for an affordable price, and they really bring the activities to life for students! To grab any of these downloadable resources from my TpT store, click on the picture. 

Valentine Potions

This is a perfect activity to use with your preschool and kindergarten students! Have students create a recipe using their counting skills, fine motor control, writing, and number recognition. Students will choose a potion card and place the “ingredients” into their very own cauldron. Once the ingredients are mixed, they will use their “wands” to mix and “zap” their potion to see what their potion does! This is an engaging activity that promotes student learning. Want even more potion-making fun? There are blank potion cards included in this set so your students can try to write out their own simple potions and let their friends create them!

Feed Me! Valentine's Creatures

This engaging center activity can be used in your February math centers! Build 1:1 correspondence, subitizing, letter and number recognition, counting skills, and more. Your students will love feeding the adorable creatures the correct number of “treats” this Valentine’s Day! There are also added activities like find and color, roll and feed games, and even “create your own” cards. Everything you need to complete this activity (except pom-poms or other manipulatives) is included in this adorable kindergarten set! Bonus: literacy activities are included in this set!


I SpY; Find & Color

This activity is perfect for those early finisher students or as an independent morning work activity this February! This set includes downloads for nearly every month, holiday, student interest, and season! The Valentine’s Day I Spy page would be the perfect morning or afternoon work activity to help combat the sugar spike that is sure to have your students going wild! My students really take their time and are prideful of this activity – sometimes it takes the WHOLE MONTH for students to complete! This loveable resource promotes fine motor coloring and problem-solving skills, while building patience! 


February math centers

Creating new centers each month should be a breeze! My Valentine’s Day math center activities make center creation fun, fast, and simple. There are 5 centers included. They are all super low prep and hands-on, perfect for any pre-K or kindergarten classroom! This bundle will save you TONS of time and gives your students addition, subtraction, subitizing, and one-to-one correspondence skill practice. Bonus: it even includes 5 literacy centers for February!

Mini valentine math booklets

Mini books are the perfect way to practice a variety of skills! This Valentine’s Day-themed math mini-book provides practice for basic addition and subtraction skills, number recognition and identification, as well as number sense practice up to 10! The best part? These booklets are half-page, low prep, and super simple to use. Your students will LOVE completing this mini-book and taking it home to show their families all that they have learned!


Valentine Roll & Cover

Grab your dice and manipulatives because your kindergarten students won’t be able to get enough of this Valentine’s Day activity! Download and print the number mat pages to get started. I laminate mine for durability, easy sanitation, and use year after year. Students will work in pairs or independently to try to cover the numbers on each page. Simply roll a die (or two) and students will use small manipulatives (like candy hearts) to cover that number. Working in pairs? See who can cover the most numbers. Working alone? Set a timer and see if you can roll and cover all the numbers before the time runs out! With so many variations to this activity, your students will be begging for more math practice!

Number Sequencing Puzzles

Make your February counting and sequencing centers adorable and engaging this February with these sequencing numbers (1-10) puzzles! All you need to do is print, laminate, and cut – that’s it! Students will choose a puzzle and recognize numbers and line the pieces up. This is the perfect independent activity for your kindergarten students because each puzzle is self-correcting! As students place their pieces in number order if they have made a mistake, the puzzle will not be complete! This set includes 10 different themed puzzles for each holiday and season, so you’ll never run out of fun learning opportunities!

ten frame play dough mats

Number mats are the perfect hands-on math center activities for students in pre-K, kindergarten, first grade, and homeschool settings. Each set (one set for each month of the year) comes in two styles with 3 or 4 mats on each page. The numbers 1-10 are covered, and it instructs students to match the number on the mat using the tens frame. Students can use playdough or other small manipulatives – think candy hearts, beads, counters, marshmallows, and the list goes on. I recommend laminating the mats for easy cleanup and extended use and durability!


Valentine Tracing Activities

Fine motor skills involving writing letters and numbers are easy and lovable activities this Valentine’s Day! Your students can trace Valentine-themed letter and number cards, create their own number, letter, and word booklets, and more! This set includes 5 holidays (with more to come!) so you’ll always have tracing practice centers ready for your students! Your students will love the holiday themes and you’ll love the hands-on tracing practice that is so engaging!

I hope you found some useful ideas from this list of amazing Valentine’s Day math activities! Not only do these activities help reinforce important mathematics concepts in your young students, but they are also fun enough to engage even reluctant learners! 

❤️Happy Learning!


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