End of the Year Must Haves

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing your end of year is approaching! Hooray!! You’re in the homestretch. Wrapping up the year is so much fun, but there are always a bazillion things to do. I wanted to share a few of my absolute musts for the end of the year!

End of year awards

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t keep a TON from my childhood. But you better believe I still have my end of year award for being “Meticulous Miranda” (yes I was one of those students LOL and you can delight your students and give them a forever keepsake too! I have so many options for these that I find it hard to pick. Tell me what your favourite is!

Most Likely awards...

First up are my most likely awards… the eager anticipation of students waiting to hear what they get awarded for is priceless! I should also mention that aside from the traditional ones, there are ridiculous ones… like most likely to fall in a hole, or push a button they shouldn’t, or get stuck in an elevator. These are tons of fun and worth lots of laughs! If you’re a teacher that loves joking with their students then these are for you! There are 50 options to choose from!

Animal Awards

These animal awards are super sweet. Each one comes with a little caption about why the student is being represented by that animal. Don’t like what it says? Great news! It’s editable. So you can make these fit your students. There are 41 different animals to choose from. You can type write on the award or handwrite!

Future Career Awards

Prefer to be more traditional? These future career awards are great for motivating littles and recognizing their hard work. Each career included has a boy and a girl as an option. There are 33 options to choose from. 

Memory books

I also kept my memory book! Re-reading all the cute messages that friends had written, and re-reading what my favourite parts of school were, was a lot of fun. I decided to create a suuuuper cute template that only needs 5 sheets of paper but gives your students a ton to work with. These are great for the last few days of school where you need to keep them busy, but you know you’re not marking anything. They’ll love these!

End of year gifts

Pet Rocks

If you’ve never given students a pet rock, you are missing out. They absolutely ADORE THEM. These come with a little care manual, that tells students what to do with their pet over the summer. Including creating a home for the rock, and entertaining it (reading to it ;)). All you need are rocks and googly eyes. Super cheap. Super cute! Alternatively, you can also make these pet rocks in class the last week of school. 


Bubbles tend to be a hit with the younger kiddos. Grab bubble wands for $1 and attach these cute tags for an easy, cheap end of year gift!

Books... with bingo!

I love encouraging kiddos to read over the summer, so one of my go-to’s is giving a book with a personal note on the inside. I also ALWAYS send home my summer reading bingo! A great way to encourage students to keep reading over the break. I always tell students they can come see me when the next school year starts and trade in their completed bingo for a small prize. This motivates like you wouldn’t believe!

Have you seen this freebie??

If you really want to make a parent’s day, send them some happy mail! Whether you mail it, or just stick it in a backpack to send home. These have gotten me SO many lovely notes back. Even at the end of the year, it’s a great way to build relationships! You never know when you’ll cross paths with that parent again. It feels sooo good to spread some happiness. You can grab this in my freebie library? Not a part of it yet? Subscribe here!

Have a favourite end of year idea that I didn’t mention? Email me and tell me about it! I always love hearing how other teachers do things! Wishing you an easy end to your school year and a super happy summer!

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