5 Valentine’s Day Party Games

Well friends, it’s been a while… because… life. Between the holidays and switching to virtual I haven’t had time to sit down and blog. But here I am! Just in time for one of my favourite “holidays” in the classroom. Valentine’s Day! Ahhh. I’m a sucker for pinks and reds and let’s be honest… candy. 

So if you’re anything like me, you love a good classroom party – but might dread the prep. These games are easy and fairly low prep, plus they’re tried, tested and true. Your students will have a blast! Check them out!

Valentine's Day Would you Rather

This game is a hit in my room ALL year. We use them as quick brain breaks, as an addition to our morning meeting slides and even as a reward because the students BEG to do them. There is a whole bundle of them, but obviously for Valentine’s Day, this is the one you’ll want. Even better, this is great for hybrid because you can share with your virtual students and display for your in person learners.

You get 20 would you rather prompts with a bright background and picture prompt to help students. Read the choices and have students choose which side they would rather. Then display the next slide. This will have 2 fitness options. One for each choice. The fitness prompts are 100% editable. So you can make it harder or easier for your grade level. You can also swap out the fitness prompt for an SEL prompt (i.e give the person to your left a compliment, write down 2 positive things about yourself, etc.).

Valentine's Day Bingo

No classroom party is complete without BINGO! I still have fond memories of playing bingo as a student and you better believe all the kids in my classes have these memories too LOL.

Another low prep game, simply print and go! I laminated my set so that I can use it for years to come. Want to make this game extra fun? Use cinnamon hearts or conversation hearts as the card markers and let students eat them at the end! Everyone wins that way!

Valentine's Day Charades

Charades is a party favourite with no prep aside from printing the cards! Print and go is my kind of activity! It’s pretty obvious, but to play this, students will choose a card and try and mime or act it out for the rest of the class to guess. You get 29 fun cards! Easy, peasy, Valentine squeezy!

Valentine's Day Headbands

Have you ever played the game Hedbanz? Well this is a fun Valentine version created by my friend over at Ready Set Kinder. This is kind of like charades but reverse! The chosen student will pick a card and place it on their headband (use sticky tack or tape!) without looking at the card. Now the audience gets to provide clues to the chosen person for them to try and guess what is on their head! Lots of laughs and fun from this minimal prep game!

Pin the sprinkle on the donut

This is like a traditional game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey except – Valentine style! This has a donut covered in heart sprinkles, but there is one sprinkle missing. Students will try to pin the sprinkle on the donut.

There are 2 options here. You can print as a single page and then have basically no prep, or you can print in giant, which requires a bit of prep. Instructions are included so that your donut can be huge! But you can still print on a regular printer.

There are optional cards to add to the fun. Print one pile for how many spins the student will do before trying to pin their sprinkle (between 1 and 5), and there are cards for how many sprinkles they get to try (between 1 and 3).

Get a blindfold and you’re ready to rock this fun game!

Valentine Activity Pack

This isn’t a party game, but it’s a great activity for early finishers for the month of February or to use as an activity packet during a movie, or just for fun! This comes with 10 different activities, and you can argue to admin that it’s educational (yet the kids will just have fun).

-words in a word
-I spy (counting)
-Colouring (title page)
-Spot the Difference
-Word Scramble
-Color by Number
-Crack the Code

There you have it! An easy, guaranteed fun Valentine’s Day Party! Let me know what you think! I’m only an email away!

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